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We provide education, resources, and services to help those who suffer with substance use disorder

Fighting Heroin Addiction in Maryland

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Recovery is possible

This young man proves that recovery is possible! Beth White Schmidt and Carin Miller helped him several years ago when he was struggling with addiction and look at him today! I am so proud of you Brandon. Keep on keeping on my friend! Thank you for giving me permission to share your success. If you […]


Addiction is an isolating disease, not only for the one with substance use disorder but for the family as well. Many of us joined MHAA for the connections to other families with similar experience and to know we are not alone.

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We are mothers, fathers, and family members with lived experience caring for family members in active addiction and recovery.

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We are an organization fighting heroin addiction, consisting of family members with lived experience who advocate, raise awareness and support those suffering with substance use disorder.

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Many of us are infected with stigma and don't even know it

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MHAA in Action

MHAA relies on grants and donations for operating support and works year-round planning and managing fundraising events.


Awareness activities are evidenced through several billboards located in counties which promote the Good Samaritan Law, Narcan/Naloxone administration, and the dangers of opioid use. We also use the social media which consists of our facebook and website along with performing medial interviews.


Education is conducted by our members who speak and educate school administrators, students and staff on a regular basis. Many of our members attend state and federal level policy workshops and meetings to give feedback which addresses improvement in the current system fragmentation that is not conducive to the opioid epidemic. We testify at legislative hearings and educate legislators.

Family Peer Support

Family peer support services which includes treatment navigation, grief counseling, active use support program referrals and safe places to share without shame. Assisting in helping families to navigate insurance options and filing complaints

Project Portfolio

  • MD map with hashstag Maryland Breaks the Stigma
    MD Breaks the Stigma

    Are you infected with stigma?

  • Narcan Nasal Spray
    What is Naloxone?

    Naloxone reverses an opioid overdose

  • women standing at table
    Spring Concert

    at the Strathmore

  • good samaritan law poster
    Good Samaritan Bill

    MHAA supports HB 416, the MD Good Samaritan Bill