At Dirksen Senate Office Building

MHAA President, Carin Callan Miller and Tina Johnson ┬áhad the opportunity to put a face behind the opioid crisis with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders office, and explain how the Sackler family and Perdue Pharmaceutical were mostly responsible for this greed driven pandemic they’ve created. They need to take accountability and help our families and communities heal.

Tina Johnson and Carin Miller being interviewed by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders office regarding the opioid crisis and the Sackler Family’s responsibility and accountability to help our citizens who have fallen victim to their greed. Video coming soon.

United we stand in a fight against what has brought so many of our families together in tragedy. The Opiate epidemic is taking lives in unacceptable numbers.

This was an epidemic that was created, marketed and billions of dollars profited. Leaving behind a wake of sadness and heartbreak grieving our loved ones lost.

I can go on and on of the devastation and I will as I continue to fight in the MOST PROUDEST HONOR of YOU BOTH, my handsome Son Raymond Cooper and handsome Brother Joe Rakich as long as I live you both WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!! I love you and miss you so much!

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