Drug seizure money to fund drug education and treatment

We strongly support Senate bill 643 and 644. Basically, drug seizure money would be put into a fund for drug education and treatment. Would you support this bill?
If these bills pass, we would be able to better assist those with addiction and their families. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication getting this legislation heard!!

Supports Senate Bill 643 and 644
Supports Senate Bill 643 and 644

We are so very blessed to have these strong advocates fighting on the front lines of the opioid crisis with me. We lean upon one another, we scream, we cry, we laugh, we win, we lose. No matter what, we know there’s always someone there that has our back!
A big thank you to Senator Klausmeier for believing in our efforts.

With Carlos Hardy, Toni Corteggiano-Torsch and Josh Fischer at Maryland State Senate.

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