MHAA’s Carin Miller & Debbie Fling Attending Heroin’s Grip Screening

I went to Frederick Christian Fellowship Church this evening for a viewing of the Heroin’s Grip film and to host a drug awareness table. What a blessing to see so many community members in attendance. There were 600 people there!

I was privileged to represent Emerge #Recovery Center, Maryland Heroin Awareness Advocates, and Save Our Children-One Entity, One Voice. I had the pleasure to personally speak with over 20 families, and approximately another 50 people stopped by to grab materials from my table. This was one of the largest community events I’ve ever been to. It was absolutely amazing! The church is beautiful and so welcoming.

MHAA sets up table at screening of Heroin's Grip

MHAA sets up table at screening of Heroin’s Grip

It’s going to take a village and we need your voice. Recovery is possible, and treatment is effective!

By Carin Miller

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