Our efforts and successes are evident throughout the State of Maryland with yearly fundraisers and campaigns for the prevention, education, and awareness of opioid addiction. Thousands of families have benefited from our volunteer work, and our voices and efforts have made a huge impact on policies and laws in the Maryland state legislature.

MHAA billboard sign project 2016

Image from MHAA Drug Awareness Billboard Project Hagerstown, MD August 2016

  • MHAA relies on grants and donations for all support endeavors and works year-round planning and managing fundraising events.
  • MHAA members are volunteers and all proceeds directly benefit those who seek our services.
  • The Save Our Children Family Peer Support group, which was created under the umbrella of the MHAA advocacy group, began as an extension of MHAA with a goal to host weekly family/peer support groups in Frederick and Boonsboro, MD.


Maryland Heroin Awareness Advocates volunteers are family members who advocate for prevention, education and quality treatment for individuals who suffer with drug addiction and co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. As local mothers, we joined forces as a necessity in order to save our own children from their addiction to opioids and other drugs. Some of our children are in recovery, some are still suffering and to our dismay, some have passed away due to their disease.

We provide resources, services, and funding for those affected and their families. We have accomplished our efforts through local community fundraisers over the last 4 years, however, we have been helping families for the past 8 years. MHAA has hosted 8 specific fundraisers to provide Christmas gifts to the residents of local recovery homes. In Christmas 2019 we gave gifts of hope to 402 people in early recovery! Our support has helped countless community members with clothing, food, housing, employment, and beyond. We also funded and
organized the overdose awareness sign at the Frederick County Detention Center which alerts residents of the number of overdoses and overdose fatalities. This sign is updated monthly
by MHAA's director with the support of Frederick County's County Executive and all the local law enforcement agencies. In addition, we organized and funded the double-sided sign at the Crossroads Center on South Street in Frederick. This sign educates our community members of the importance of carrying Narcan and the message that "Addiction Recovery is Possible and Treatment is Effective".

Our dedication and passion as volunteer advocates is to save lives and save families from the traumas we have personally endured.



Some of our efforts and successes are as follows:


  • Family peer support services which include treatment navigation, grief counseling, active use support program referrals and safe places to share without shame. Assisting in helping families to navigate insurance options and filing complaints.

  • Awareness and prevention activities are evidenced through several billboards located in counties which promote the Good Samaritan Law, Narcan/Naloxone administration, and the dangers of opioid use. We also use social media, which consists of our Facebook and Twitter, along with performing media interviews.

  • Education is conducted by our members who speak and educate school administrators, students, and staff regularly. Many of our members attend state and federal level policy workshops and meetings to give feedback which addresses improvement in the current system fragmentation that is not conducive to the opioid epidemic. We testify at legislative hearings and educate legislators.